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Biome: Borneo is a sustainable board game inspired by rainforest life on the island of Borneo, where players compete to create habitats attracting native animals and build food chains. Game parts made from recycled materials and upcycled fishing nets.

Object of the Game

BIOME Borneo is a fun, competitive, Euro-style board game where the object of the game is simple—most points wins—but winning the game will take some strategy. Players use tiles to arrange native plants into unique microhabitats that allow them to earn animals (playing cards), which get stacked into food chains.

A Modular Jungle

The board is made up of modular, 3D platforms that represent layers of the rainforest, from lowest to highest. These platforms may be rearranged to form a completely new jungle and unique playing experience with every game.

Bonuses and Disasters

New bonuses are chosen at the start of each game, awarding extra points for specific goals that impact player strategy (i.e. the “Bug Collector” bonus may encourage players to obtain more insect cards). During the game, conditions may not stay the same, as “Fire” and “Poacher” cards shift players cards and/or tiles to other players.

Environment and Education

Our goal is to inspire our audiences to grow curious about places like Borneo in a dynamic experience. Players intuitively learn about native plants, rainforest layers, food chains, and animal facts as they play the game.

Biome: Borneo eco-friendly game

by Goat Rock Games

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  1. How it all began
  2. Materials stuff- upcycled nets, mushrooms
  3. Local partners in innovation- WWU, NYP, ProtoLab [instagram WWU video?]


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December, 2022

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